Case Study:- Concrete Tank Lining

Asset Owner: Yass Valley Council
Completed: 2020
Materials Used: MIR-960 Concrete Primer, MIR-930 Concrete Coating
Application: Brush / Roll
Circumstance: To seal a fresh water reservoir with a potable water liner.
The Problem New tank needed to be sealed.

The Solution

A high-build, fast curing, vinyl ester protective coating for long term protection.


‘We grit blasted the concrete to remove the surface fines and applied a primer and 3 coats in 8 days! I like working with these guys because they modify the product to suit the application needs.’ – Applicator

Client said, ‘Mir Resins supported their product in the field, solved an urgent problem and provided us with a cost effective solution. I have no doubt that we will be working with them again.’

Mirteq CEO

Keith Mackenzie said, ‘This solution works really well on concrete because the primer is designed to penetrate and seal so we achieve a fantastic mechanical bond while also protecting the concrete with our no-shrink formulation. Our vinyl ester resins are perfectly suited where a potable water solution is required.’

About Mirteq

Our Mir Resins are manufactured in Australia to withstand climatic extremes. They are based on a vinyl ester backbone and include micro-fibres and anti-shrink additives to improve the coating’s durability. They: • cure rapidly • have a low moisture vapour transfer rate • have excellent chemical resistance • have an optional UV package • are weatherable • more durable than epoxies; and • have exceptional adhesion. They perform really well in-and-around water and C5 corrosive environments.

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