Case Study:- 6 Hour Manhole Solution

Asset Owner: Coffs Harbour City Council
Applicator: Coffs Eco Blast & Protective Coatings
Completed: 2020
Materials Used: MIR-960 Concrete Primer, MIR-970 Grout and 3 x 1500 micron WFT coats of MIR-930 Concrete Coating (DFM 3mm)
Application: Brush
Circumstance: Every council has urgent needs and tight budgets, which means refurbishing is usually more expedient and economical than replacing. This is where Mir Resins really shine.
The Problem: A leaking manhole between 2 houses, and in the middle of a busy pedestrian thoroughfare. To make matters more interesting, the waste water service was downstream from a large caravan park and the school holidays had just started.

The Solution

A high-build, fast curing, vinyl ester protective coating that will survive 25 years, in even the harshest domestic waste water environments.


‘These guys are amazing! They cared enough to deliver the protective coating and because I was unfamiliar with vinyl ester coatings they supervised the entire project, trained our staff and led us through the entire application process.’ Monty Morley, Coffs Eco Blast & Protective Coatings

‘I was both surprised and impressed that Mir Resins cared enough to support their product in the field. They solved an urgent problem and provided us with a cost effective solution. I would have no problem recommending them for any similar projects.’ Brad Lantry, Coffs Harbour City Council


While the plumbing and landscaping took a little bit longer to accomplish, the pressure-wash and coating took place in less than 6 hours after the applicator had access to the site.

Mirteq CEO

Keith Mackenzie said, ‘We are used to these problems and only have one reputation. It is really important to us that we support our applicators and the asset owners. We know our vinyl ester resins and they are perfectly suited to potable and waste water applications.’

About Mirteq

Our Mir Resins are manufactured in Australia to withstand climatic extremes. They are based on a vinyl ester backbone and include micro-fibres and anti-shrink additives to improve the coating’s durability. They:

  • cure rapidly
  • have a low moisture vapour transfer rate
  • have excellent chemical resistance
  • are weatherable
  • more durable than epoxies; and
  • have exceptional adhesion.

They perform really well in-and-around water and C5 corrosive environments.

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