Case Study:- Naval Jetty VE Protective Coating

Applicator: Orontide Industrial Services Division
Consulting Engineers: AECOM
Year Completed: 2019
Material Applied: MIR-900 VE Steel Primer and MIR-940 VE Steel Coating Paint
Application System: Airless Spray – Tip size 25-29 @ 38 – 45 bar

For the corrosion protection of a naval Crew Transfer Platform, the consulting engineers originally specified a glass flake reinforced vinyl ester coating system to be applied in two coats at 750µm DFT per coat.

When the world-wide operating protective coating manufacturers could not supply in time due to long lead time, a consequence of producing their coatings in South East Asia rather than Australia, the consulting engineers approved a locally manufactured alternative: Mirteq’s micro-fibre reinforced vinyl ester.

MIR offers exceptional adhesion, micro-fibre reinforcing to reduce shrinkage, rapid curing and recoating characteristics, excellent chemical resistance and exceptional corrosion protection in marine environments.

The welded structure was constructed from carbon steel in two separate sections and was coated in Orontide’s workshop in Perth, Western Australia.

The structure was abrasive blast cleaned to Sa2½ using Garnet, producing a surface profile in the recommended range of 50-75 microns. The MIR-900 Primer and MIR-940 Top Coat were applied by airless spray. The materials held up at the required thickness and covered the substrate well.

The first coat rapidly cured with hard finish allowing for the structure to be handled soon after application. The coating thickness and consistency was then checked and touched-up where necessary.

After completing the second coat the structure was then fitted out within 24 hours and was ready for delivery to site.

The structure will be installed at the end of a jetty, will be intermittently submerged and exposed to salt water tidal changes, UV light and the elements in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

A spokesperson for Orontide said, “When you consider the complexities involved in coating this intricate structure, and the myriad of edges and corners involved, the material needed to be highly viscous and reliable. We were impressed not only with the coverage but also how quick the product built up on the surface without any sagging. Our gun operators also commented on how well the material sprayed out of the gun. We think it is an excellent product for this application.”

Keith Mackenzie from MIR Resins commented, “MIR coating products are well suited to marine applications because of their bond strength, cure characteristics, durability, low moisture vapour transfer and excellent chemical resistance. They are also loaded with UV additives to ensure they can withstand our harsh climatic extremes.”

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