Case Study:- Waste Water Treatment Plant

Client: Central Coast Council – Bateau Bay
Applicator: FCS Concrete Repairs Pty Ltd
Year Completed: 2020
Material Applied: MIR-960 Concrete Primer and MIR-930 Concrete Coating
Application System: Primer – Brush Undercoat/Topcoat – Pressure Pot

About MIR Resins

This project involved the application of a protective coating to the overflow weir on the no. 3 clarifier at Bateau Bay.

Waste water presents many unique challenges for protective coatings due to the complex microbial reactions that take place, chemical exposures, moist concrete, immersion in water, climatic extremes, UV exposure and concrete porosity.

FCS Concrete knew that they needed to apply a specialist product. Tony Saba from FCS said, “I liked the idea of using the Mir-930 vinyl ester-based protective coating because it has a long history of use in the waste water sector, and we know it works. It also has excellent adhesion, chemical resistance and cures quickly.

When we apply protective coatings on concrete, it is impossible to effectively dry the surface, so it is critical that the adhesive bond to concrete is not compromised by moisture while it is curing, either within the concrete or due to the prevailing climatic conditions. Mir resins have a number of other features that are also essential for coatings to perform in the waste water sector, such as UV and hydrolytic stability and mildew resistance to name but a few. We have no hesitation in recommending this product to our clients.”

About FCS Concrete Repairs:

Keith Mackenzie said, “Our Mir protective coatings for concrete surfaces have been designed with waste water applications in mind. They set hard and quickly, despite the presence of moisture, and the whole application process, from surface preparation, pacifying the substrate, brushing in the primer so that it sinks into the concrete and effectively seals the substrate, and then chemically bonding the primer and undercoat to close down the micro-spaces where contaminants might otherwise exist is really important. If a protective coating system falls down for any one reason it will fail prematurely.

It is satisfying when we work with people who appreciate the quality of the material they are working with, and also diligently attend to the detail to get the best outcome for their client.”

The Central Coat Council covers an area of 1681 square kilometres and services 350,000 residents. The population is expected to grow by 23% in the next 15 years.

About MIR Resins: They are designed and manufactured in Australia to withstand our climatic extremes. Mir Resins include micro-fibres to improve the coatings durability. The coatings have a vinyl ester resin back-bone, which means they cure rapidly, have a low moisture vapour transfer rate and have excellent chemical resistance. They also have exceptional adhesive properties and include micro-fibres to improve the coatings durability, all of which means they perform well in and around water and are well suited a wide range of commercial applications.

About FCS Concrete Repairs: Is a privately owned Australian company that is a ISO accredited and specializes in concrete remediation, protective coatings, permeation grouting, soil stabilization, leak sealing and structural strengthening. Their diverse services are utilised to resolve problems associated with asset protection and remediation.

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