Project Specifications

Concrete Roof Membrane

A new solution for architects and engineers –

a new flexible membrane to seal flat concrete roofs, which:

a) is mechanically bonded to the concrete roof;
b) is UV stable;
c) is protected by pavers – to ensure the membrane is not damaged by foot traffic; and
d) is easily repairable.

The Mir Resin roof sealing system has many unique features:

A flexible 3mm layer of Mir-Flex is bonded to the flat concrete slab, using Mir-Concrete Primer. The primer is designed to penetrate and seal the concrete. Mir-Flex chemically bonds to the primer and creates a water-proof barrier so there is no space for contaminants to form under the liner.

The layer of Mir-Flex is protected by laying concrete tiles or pavers to ensure the liner is not damaged by pedestrian traffic.

Interestingly, Mir-Flex membrane is heat resistant and repairable, so if it was damaged for any reason, it can be readily restored.

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